Evanglist R . P. Gupta to promote education to poor children, child labourers of the society, upliftment of downtrodden women etc.

You can make a difference by helping and donating here!

Help is given at Evanglist RP gupta for all those who need it. We have provided help to the drought prone farmers, to cancer patients, to diabetis patient, to HIV positive people etc. We also have helped many hospitals, schools and orphanages.

Here's a chance for you to make world a better place. You can help them too by donating!

You can donate the amount on the following bank details :

Bank Name :Punjab National Bank

Bank A/C Number : 3988000100087099

A/C Holder Name : Mr. Rajendra Prasad Kanhayalal Gupta

ISFC Code : PUNB0398800

Branch : Dombivli (W)